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Quote: Originally Posted by SweetLow View Post
First of all, the low latency for the clicks has very low importance. Much more important is low dispersion. And luckily overclocking reduces the last.

>Secondly, there are claims of optical keyboard switches being the lowest latency.
Right hardware has zero latency in any case:
My dialog with M1st.

>Fourthly, is there any evidence USB4 will bring lower latency? I haven't seen any.
1. There is no such thing as USB4. At all.
2. There is no such thing as USB3 input devices.
3. USB2.0 (High Speed) input devices are very rare beasts:
Literally nothing to talk about.

>Fifth, Dan seems to be claiming that the latency in modern computers is partially coming from the components between the screen & input devices.
Yes, of course.
But don't trust all that you will read there :
My dialog with HAGGARD and VolsAndJezuz

>Sixth, anyone here overclocking to 2000Hz+ on Linux?
and my answers below

>Seventh, do you know if you can overclock the polling rate of an Apple magic trackpad - or any other top trackpads? I've had trouble finding any info on increasing the polling rate of trackpads.
RTFM once again - what can be overclocked.

and JFYI:
Good reading about "latency".

P.S. Good post for links to it
Thanks for that! For optical switch latency, I was talking about keyboards, not mice... Same situation as mice? Should I switch my mechanical keyboard switches for optimal ones?

After a bit more research, it seems like: if we used the lowest latency components, then 90+% of the latency will actually come from the display itself. Would you agree?
CRTs don't seem to have this problem, so should we be able to demonstrate <5ms of latency from hand to display using a CRT? It is unfortunate that so much latency was introduced in the obsoletion of CRTs!

Finding VA and IPS displays that run at 250hz and look good enough to be worth it are still hard to find.
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