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Quote: Originally Posted by Diablosbud View Post
Can you not just use GPU scaling instead of display scaling? Running at a lower resolution always looks clear for me by using that setting. You can even make it scale by aspect ratio to prevent stretching with 4:3 content.

Edit: I'm not sure if this method would work with video playback. But it certainly does for games.
It's GPU scaling of the output, it doesn't care what is at that output. It works all the time.

Quote: Originally Posted by UltraMega View Post
1080P scales perfectly on 4K since 4K is exactly 4 times 1080p, meaning if you are using 1080p on a 4K screen, the screen will just have 4 pixels on screen for every 1 pixel from the source.
4k=2160p is 2 times 1080p for scaling purposes. Obviously an area of this has 4 times the amount of pixels.

Quote: Originally Posted by dmr2 View Post
It isn't that simple. 1080p on 4k monitor will not be so clear, same is with 720p on 1440p monitor.
An nearest neighbor scaling at whole number scale will have no issues other than loss of resolution. If you want to you can use better scaling algorithm and actually have better than native 1080p output that is smoother thanks to supersampling.
Some GPU drivers now offer the whole number scaling, as useless as it is for 99.99% of people.

TVs can have crazy post processing including scaling to deal with all the low quality and low resolution sources. On PC you deal with it on GPU using your video player and renderer.
Monitors are made to show what is sent to them, not to add tons of rubbish effects like TVs that can't even be turned off at times. Though monitors in the "gaming" part of the market do tend to have some of the crappies firmwares with added undesirable effects at times, usually they mess with sharpness and don't even let you change it back to neutral but there can be more than that nowadays on some of the gaudy models.

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