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Quote: Originally Posted by wingman99 View Post
Can you reinstall the GTX 1070 to see if everything is fine now?
Sadly not, I already sold it. But I guess I can ask my neighbour if he borrows me his 1080. I think Ill do that tomorrow

Quote: Originally Posted by wingman99 View Post
Well I read that you tried Vsync and Free sync, did you try them together?
Yes, I tried every combination you can think of. Also tripple buffer, double buffer, and so on. No combination works.

Quote: Originally Posted by wingman99 View Post
I'm glad you made a video. From the Video it looks like your having a problem with something utilizing resources running in the background, look at task manger for CPU utilization spikes and shutdown all background tasks and check for virus. Some times USB devices cause polling problems that cause stuttering. If you can't find anything wrong you might have to reinstall windows.
It might look like it but that´s definitely not the case. First of all I thought about that (I thought it might be a discord or steam overlay, etc.) and secondly like I said I already did a completely fresh windows install with nothing but the GPU drivers and the Benchmarks installed.

Quote: Originally Posted by wingman99 View Post
This would not be the problem if the GTX 1070 runs fine, system memory or OS drive, how much system memory do you have and check the OS drive to make sure it is OK?
Well the problem started with the first boot after I plugged in the 5700xt. But I´ll try to make my neighbor borrow me his 1080 and see how that goes Thanks a lot for for your ideas and taking time to read my story!
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