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Quote: Originally Posted by John Plissken View Post
AMD does not set store prices, they set MSRP. You will almost always pay more than MSRP with any product from any company, simply because retailers want to mark it up for better profits. In a case like this where the supply is lower than the demand, that is even more so the case. That doesn't mean AMD should raise the MSRP. If they raise the MSRP then price will not drop when the retail supply catches up with the demand.

This is the same **** Jayz2Cents said when the mining craze caused GPU shortages, and Vega was hard to get after launch, he blamed AMD for the overwhelming consumer demand, accused them of scamming people with inflated prices, and vowed to never again recommend AMD. Funny how a week later when the miners bought up all the Nvidia cards as well, he had nothing to say about it.

MSRP is the suggested base price point, supply and demand, as well as retailer overhead, shipping costs, and even the sales model (such as online vs brick and mortar storefronts) will cause variations. The only thing in that list you could blame on AMD is the supply, but they can't exactly predict the demand. If they pump out too much supply early, they risk undermining their own prices and then they look greedy for charging too much. If they don't put out enough people like you accuse them of fake launching because the demand is higher than expected. On top of that if the production was set too high, they would not only be left with backed up stock, they would also have to slow or even halt production, that can cause overflow in their own inventory and cause problems down the supply chain. They made a decision that the best option was a lower production level, and the supply will catch up to the demand soon enough. Companies need to make calls like this all the time, it's not malicious, it's being pragmatic.
no it is not that way.
MSRP is the suggested retail price but it should include a margin for the shop.

if AMD sets the MSRP to $750 and sell the CPU to the shop at $749, the shop clearly must put an higher price.
if no shops have a price of $750 means that AMD is selling its CPU at that price to shops.

this is false advertisement and wrong marketing behaviour

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