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Quote: Originally Posted by ToTheSun! View Post
It's a pretty good solution if your monitor doesn't support VRR. Othewise, G-sync is always better.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToTheSun! View Post
In that case, it's never a good solution for high refresh rate displays. I've tested Fastsync in all possible scenarios, and FPS capped V-sync VRR is much better.

100+ FPS 60 Hz non-VRR Fastsync was pretty good IME.
I tested all the modes as well on multiple monitors, be it 60, 75, 144 and 165Hz.
Fast/EnhancedSync aka show last complete frame adds up to 1 frame latency and to me that is noticeably bad, the only use I see for this is running multiple times higher FPS than refresh rate, even for 60Hz monitor that means running 240fps+, the higher the better really to lower the latency and stutters as much as possible, aka playing fps unlimited games in hundreds of FPS, 300+, CS I suppose, Crossout could do this too, etc. Adds stutters due to messing with frame pacing, below 240fps would not bother.
Vsync, get lost, terrible latency and can't deal with drops below refresh rate.
AdaptiveSync, great, minimal latency, only works when in Async range. You have to limit fps under refresh rate and hope that majority of frames fall into the Async range and not over refresh rate.
NoSync, lowest latency but image is not as clear due to all the tears, have to run high fps over refresh to make tears small + there exist specific rates at which the tears are most random = least noticeable.

AdaptiveSync+Vsync... terrible, you get Async in Async range and Vsync crappy latency etc. when over refresh, worst idea ever to enable Vsync, but on 144Hz+ Vsync latency is fairly small and so many people do this anyway, but if you do this on <100Hz monitors the Vsync issue is clear as day
AdaptiveSync+Fast/EnhancedSync... not great as you get the disadvantages of Fast/EnhancedSync when over refresh.

Enabling Vsync or Fast/EnhancedSync always adds their issuea when ever over refresh rate. Having AdaptiveSync enabled does not magically make those issues go away when above refresh rate.

The best solution is AdaptiveSync + fps limiter in the game/app engine.
RTSS, etc. 3rd party limiters are only usable for more leisure oriented games as they do add latency.

AdaptiveSync+limiter > Fast/EnhancedSync >> Vsync > NoSync

NoSync > AdaptiveSync+limiter >> Fast/EnhancedSync > Vsync

NoSync > AdaptiveSync+limiter >> Fast/EnhancedSync > Vsync
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