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I bought a 2x8GB kit of Patriot Viper Steel Series rated for 3866MHz CL18 that is supposed to be Hynix DJR--Patriot are shady AF and rebrand their memory chips--and had an absolutely terrible experience with it. Due to 2nd gen not having the best IMC and knowing you get more on Ryzen going with 3466 or 3600 with tighter timings anyway that's the mentality I went into it with, especially after seeing Buildzoid's video on them. After I unboxed them I first wanted to test the waters and I got them to train and boot at up to 3733 with the 3866 XMP timings, but minute you did anything remotely intensive like open a dozen Firefox tabs or start MemTest dozens of errors and a BSOD, so I got them as loose as reasonable. Even at 3600 CL20-23-23-23- significantly less errors but still not stable until they eventually caused a BSOD so I started working my way down on frequency.

It wasn't until I got down to 3266MHz I could achieve decent timings and get it to be 100% stable, but even then 3200 ended up working best because you could get timings a lot tighter and was what I ended up going with. I'm gonna return them in a little bit. I know it isn't the board or CPU because the issue wasn't that they weren't POSTing: board was training fine, and I can get a kit of 3200 CL16 bin Hynix MFR to work fine at XMP and tighten the timings a little bit despite MFR being, by far, the least friendly and crappiest IC you can get for Ryzen but I digress. Best I could get out of 'em isn't a significant amount better vs MFR, and after tuning a 2x16GB kit I got a couple days ago (one in sig) using new Samsung M-Die 16Gb IC I was able to get performance to near-parity with this stuff while having 2x the amount of RAM and it being only $13 more expensive--$80 vs $93, though I ended up paying $74 for the 32GB kit after some discounts, so they actually ended up costing me less.

TL;DR: probably not best to get this IC if you have 1st or 2nd gen Ryzen. If you want the best value for money best to go with Micron Rev. E, or the new Samsung M-Die if you want 32GB for cheap. This stuff is excellent for 3rd gen Ryzen or Intel, though.

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