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Quote: Originally Posted by The Pook View Post

8086K was a binned 8700K but the 9900KS isn't a binned 9900K, it's just a 9900K with a voltage bump and a higher boost table.
Ah, my bad. I didn't think Intel would just end up pushing more voltage to achieve their clocks, honestly.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kurumi Tokisaki View Post
At the end of the day we grabbed a Gold in Cinebench R15 protected by Benchmate (https://benchmate.org/) at a blistering 6,952 MHz, resulting in a score of 3,122 points. For single-threaded benches, we topped out at a whopping 7,300 MHz with superpi32m and pifast.

Did you read the article?
I read the article but I just frankly can't see how this is news.

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