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Who wants to bet on how long these boxes will last before the GPUs die or whatever due to capacitors of too small a rating or something dumb like that? Can't wait to read about people with more money than sense buying these things, having them fail in less than two years, and having to pay AppleCare $10000 in "repairs" over and over? Pretty sure thats the goal here
It's the exact same approach General Motors is now using with the products they design & manufacture. And it is an enormously profitable way to run a business. From my experience customers will never learn and will continue making the same mistakes over and over again. Even when confronted with evidence that shows there are intentional design flaws or defects people will rationalize a reason why it won't affect them. My favorite is "Well it won't affect me, I only need this for right now and I'll have something else by the time it fails" - Why not just choose something you know isn't poorly built in the first place..

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