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Quote: Originally Posted by Imouto View Post
It isn't AMD they can't compete with, it is TSMC and Samsung. TSMC has 5 nm on track for 1H next year and Samsung can dump memory into the market like there is no tomorrow.

When you are as big as Intel and with such a big portfolio you leave a lot of fronts open and they don't have the ability to turn around because that would leave something else exposed. There are a lot of companies looking to snag some market from Intel like Qualcomm or Apple. TSMC, Samsung and AMD were just the first ones to realize the emperor is naked. The only way they can survive this is specializing in one area and giving up on everything else.

You can't be the best at everything forever. You can't even be the best at one thing forever.
Well said!!!! To me that is the one of the biggest downfalls I don't understand about the stock market. Unless you have your head on a swivel someone hungrier is always around the corner is waiting for there chance to become king of the monuntain. The bubble of extreme profits one day will pop. I guess make as much money as you can and get out ahead or fall like a giant or always stay innovating to stay relevant.

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