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What i am more concerned about is the policy to restrict other countries using Intel/AMD products. Right now, its ok but its only matter of time till China/Russia can successfully design there own chips that match Intel/AMD and those nations choice to develop there own standard will have world wide effect. It's not hard for them to steal/get the tech considering TSMC is based out of Taiwan. I put this similar to what we are seeing with Alipay/WechatPay/UnionPay Card. More and more shops online and even retail based in North America are accepting them. The adoption rate outside of China may be slower but its still growing. I myself refuse to use Alipay/UnionPay/WechatPay but one day I will have no choice but to join them.

Even Aliexpress was in the process of setting up north american office so they really have targets on the Amazon/Ebay market. They have everything you can imagine at cheap rates often more selection than even amazon. I see some of my friends and most of my colleagues always order stuff in from there but they are from China so they are all used to that setup and convenience.
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