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Quote: Originally Posted by keikei View Post
Its looks like a portable grill. Console gets hot enough, just place a few slabs of meat on top and you got dinner. At least the Cube had some character. This looks like a highschool kid did there year long project the nite before. Base on the name, I suspect there will be more than one version. M$ went with pure functionality with this design. Easy future upgradeability.
there will definitely be at least two SKUs, that's for sure.

Quote: Originally Posted by bucdan View Post
So, looks like 2K120 will be a reality for competitive games on console finally, limited by the high end TV refresh rates. Going to assume 4K60 for everything else, then "Dynamic 8K" for those that want to push boundaries and suffer 20-30 fps, if even at all, since the pixel count is ridiculously high.
8k pre-rendered cut scenes & stuff. & yep, I believe you're correct. It's hilarious how butt hurt folks are over on reddit & twitter based on the "4x more power" statement. Seems they fail to realize that this is a win for PC gaming, since we're always in the shadow of the consoles.

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