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Quote: Originally Posted by umeng2002 View Post
I was fixing my brothers laptop that has an i5-7200u and thought it was laughably slow... but then I took out the 5400 rpm HDD and put in an SSD, and it's like night and day. Intel and AMD should band together and force laptop makers to stop using HDD as boot devices.
It is because of Windows. I did the same this week on a relative's laptop and it was night and day but I still remember it performing alright when I bought it for them. First I tried doing a fresh install but it was barely any faster and only a fresh install on the SSD fixed it. Out of curiosity installed Manjaro on the 5400 rpm drive and it was pretty decent.

Hell, when I was moving their stuff out the old HDD on a Manjaro live USB it was faster than Windows on the 5400 rpm HDD.

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