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Quote: Originally Posted by Totally Dubbed View Post
But I can't have overshoot when I'm not even hitting my baseline VCore! That's my point.
I'm at 7/8 LLC and I'm still off my VCore...in IDLE! At this rate, I feel a fresh BIOS reset might be the only solution - as I can't seem to find any logic behind this all.

FYI: BIOS is on the latest provided by Asus.

Potentially; it's all silicone lottery at the end of the day. I just can't seem to get my head around the fact that I get 5GHz on an auto voltage, and yet can't hit the SAME frequency when I set the VCore to a HIGHER or the SAME VCore as Auto mode. It literally makes no sense to me...thus the creation of this thread.

As we speak my 4.8GHz 'OC' has been running for hrs straight; no negatives so far - so it looks like I'm near stability on 4.8GHz...at 2.31 Vcore. If that's the case, there's no way I'm pushing past 4.8Ghz as I'll get thermal throttling and/or too much of a VDroop.
I must have gotten unlucky or done something wrong in the BIOS; really can't put my finger on it.
Don't use LLC7 or 8 ever. It makes your transients worse and worsens your minimum voltage floor (making it higher) for high load vcore stability. LLC5 is the best balance. LLC5 allows a lower load vcore than LLC6 because the transient dips are smaller. Just raise the bios voltage a bit to compensate for the increased vdroop.


BTW on these boards the spikes arent the issue contrary to what some are telling you except at very high bios voltages like >1.45v. The spikes happen at load release (low current) and won't become an issue unless they exceed 1.5v on an oscilloscope capture. Its the dips that are the problem.

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