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Quote: Originally Posted by guttheslayer View Post
This monstrous 5900XT will be having 5120 +/- 1024 Stream processors.

Dont forget they are using 7nm+, which contain 20% more transistor density than 7nm. At >2x the die space we are talking about a huge ~22-24 Billion transistors. And if it really twice as fast as 5700XT it will definitely be ~40% faster than 2080 Ti. Of course the gigantic die size could be inflated due to AMD's RT hardware so begin twice as fast could be exaggerated.

But its a monster for sure lol.
I doubt it will be twice as fast. Performance is no linear to how many cores it has. There are other factors like core speed, memory bandwidth and memory speed, as well as heat.
The 5700 XT is a 225W card. If the new one is going to be limited to 300W (which is expected), that means you will have a slower core to compensate for the heat, and I expect a much slower core. Even the 2080 TI is 300mhz slower than the 2080 super in order to handle the amount of heat the extra 41% cores generate. Larger memory bandwidth might compensate some of it, but not enough to make it twice as fast.

And you are comparing it to the 2080 TI. Nvidia are expected to release their own 7nm based on same TSMC manufacturing , so even if by some miracle AMD can pull such a performance increase, I expect nvidia to dwarf that when their bigger GPUs coming next year.

Quote: Originally Posted by aDyerSituation View Post
Thinking back to some weird issues I had with my ol 290x..this might have been why

regardless I won't buy an AMD card at this point. They scared me away after that and the Fury flickering fiasco.

Seen a lot of people on r/amd trade in their 5700xt for a 2070/s.
I would not buy AMD GPUs since they seem to not even care about supporting their own hardware.

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