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Quote: Originally Posted by Comatosed View Post
Thank you so much for explaining that to me, i'm old school, my overclocking was always done on the BCLK lol I understand that now, I was getting so confused and thrown off because if I raised the SA and VCCIO voltage, it would take longer for the instability to show so I naturally presumed it was related to that.
Now to go back into BIOS ready for another prime95 test, my poor cpu has been at 100% solid past 2 weeks, at least i know i'm not getting any degradation at 1.37. time to go 1.38.

EDIT* Just realised i was at 1.36, currently testing 1.37 but I feel it will go an hour plus on P95 now with your insight. I will leave it till it errors. I really wanted to get stable @1.36 but i guess under 1.37-1.38 can't hurt, temps just barely touch the 80's on full AVX on 2 cores, rest are 70, the lowest core temp is the one that errors :|
Please stop using HWmonitor. It's cringeworthy seeing "VIN3 VIN4 VIN5" and strange random silly voltages no one knows what it's reporting.
use HWinfo64. That's what people use these days.

VCCIO controls the memory controller and shared L3 cache voltage. This is important on hyperthreaded cpus. Yes, your system has L3 cache and that's used, but you're forgetting about the L1 and L2 cache. L1 and L2 are directly controlled by Vcore. Raising VCCIO (VCCSA must be slightly higher than VCCIO) may help slightly, usually up to 1.2v (it helps the memory controller/IMC more) but after this point you gain more by upping vcore, if going past 1.25v VCCIO doesn't do anything anymore.

Upping PLL Termination Voltage (aka VTT, sometimes called VCC VTT; note this is not CPU PLL voltage or CPU PLL OC Voltage (PLL Bandwidth on Asus boards)) to 1.20v may allow you to maximize your cache ratio on ambient cooling. DDR VTT is not the same thing.

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