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Thanks for all your input guys, it seems this cpu+mobo is needing around 1.4vcore to be 100% stable for 5Ghz (without sacrificing NB frequency) which is a tad too high for me 24/7, i'll dial it back to 4.9 and fine tune that more which needs around 1.33.

EDIT* So testing SA to 1.25 and VCCIO to 1.24, I did just have it at 1.2/1.19 but still error'd in prime @ 50 mins, went to 1.22/1.21 then lasted 1hr 10 mins, so deffinitely onto something here. BIOS auto wants to set VCCIO @ 1.30, no idea what it sets SA at as it doesn't show. so staying under 1.30 for VCCIO is ideal.

EDIT2* Well it seems 1.25 SA and 1.24 VCCIO had an averse effect and crashed prime 95 within 20 mins, it seems now 1.22/1.21 is the sweetspot and my vcore was way off, what I thought was stable on 4.9 isn't, I do recall not doing a long P95 test but just to see, I set same Vcore as I was testing with 5.0 which is now 4.9 @1.36, spikes to 1.37 and currently 3hrs into P95 blend full AVX no problems so far.
Now i'm thinking if 5.0 @ 1.39 (spikes to 1.4) is not so bad overall, especially being stable 4.8 @1.30 ish, which is another freq I need to retest after these results, so that is more than likely closer to 1.32. The other thing I do dislike is the vcore reading in increments off 0.076

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