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Quote: Originally Posted by Master davo 1 View Post
Honestly sensors are soo good nowadays that I don't notice any issues
I wouldn't say that. If you flip back and forth between an AM010 and 3389, you can easily tell the 3389 feels a hell of a lot more synthetic and overly processed (even if all the error correction and clipping of 'noise' isn't causing high input lag). The 3389 uses two frames of interpolation. Not sure if this particular firmware of the G302 AM010 uses the same 2 or if it's 0, but it feels more raw and responsive for whatever reasons.

I'd really like to try a 3389 firmware without the 2 frames of interpolation to see exactly what it is they're trying to hide here...like if the sensor completely falls apart and is useless without doing that. I heard there was a G303 firmware without it, but companies like Logitech and others for some reason INSIST on putting 2 frames of interpolation on 99% of firmware releases for 3360/3389. It's possible I liked the Sensei 310 3360 implementation a lot better than most other companies because they didn't use 2 frame interpolation on it, but I'm not sure what they used on that mouse. It just felt more responsive than other 3360's.

Then the Sensei Ten with 3389 came out and was worse than the Sensei 310 with 3360 for me sensor-wise, so who the hell knows what these companies are doing.

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