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Quote: Originally Posted by Seyumi View Post
Think the smallest we'll get is 40 or 43". Haven't seen any consumer 4K TV's released in the last 5+ years that were below 40". An sizes below 40" and they're officially in the PC monitor family. I could be wrong with some Chinese knock-offs or cheap Walmart brands I've never heard of before. One recent exception was the (recent) Samsung 32" Q50R but I think that ended up as a flop as you could get a better Samsung Q 40/43" TV for the same price or even cheaper. Most consumers are stupid cows but they aren't that stupid to pay more for less.
Well, that's too bad then. I'll check out the Q50R instead.

Edit: That Q50R isn't OLED. At this point I'd rather buy a 27GL850.

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