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I'll see if I can find it. I can confirm its not on the our front page atm, that's about it. There weren't many posts, but they were all people discussing said issue.

people can say whatever they'd like about Genuine Nvidia GSync Module Sporting Epic Gamer Gear Monitors, but it works like a dream. At least on my AW3420. I like my settings up pretty high, & i also like tear free smooth game play. While major FPS drops are still perceivable, it's only really via latency & frame time & nothing else. No stutter, jutter, guhs, etc.

Luckily at the moment, the 240hz market is so limited that I don't have to debate where I'll end up next. I'm all about that LG CX(or anything smaller that comes along) The pricing for these top tier monitors helps ease the transition to a 45 inch "monitor" as well. I'm just not ready to drop multiple stacks on a screen yet. 1-2? sure. 2+? No thanks.

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