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Quote: Originally Posted by aDyerSituation View Post
I think you have the wrong perspective. I call this free entertainment.

OP you might want to check out these if you haven't already:

**Intel System** Asus Z390E Strix / 8700k @ 4.85Ghz / 32GB BDie @ 3200 CL14 / PowerColor 5700XT / eVGA 850w PSU / Sammy 960 EVO m.2 / MX500 250gb games SSD / 49" Samsung UltraWide 144Hz
**AMD System** Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero / 3950X @ 4.580GHz (CCD0) 4.380GHz (CCD1) 1.350v/ 64GB DJR Mem @ 3740MHz CL16 / 2080 Ti / eVGA 1200 Plat PSU / Sabrent 1Tb PCIe4.0 m.2 / MX500 500gb games SSD / 34" LG UltraWide 144Hz
(Dual watercooling loops for CPU and GPU, all highend)

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