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Hey I get one of these!
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Quote: Originally Posted by Alex132 View Post
This is extremely expensive for a pro-sumer chip. I want to see what people who stated (Ryzen 1 era) that AMD wouldn't hike up prices when they outperformed Intel because they are "the good guys and wouldn't do that to us" have to say about this.

While it may maintain the same cost per-core of smaller core chips, it's still a big chunk of cash (and cache). I'm just not sure who this CPU is for; actually *needs* it vs who just wants it. Maybe you could write it off against tax if you are a large rendering company, but then why aren't you already using EPYC CPUs? I do feel like this might just be AMD showing their strength and what they are capable of vs Intel.

I can't think of any non-business that needs this at the moment.
.... Eh? How is this "AMD raising prices"?

The 3990X cost 33% more than the W-3175X MSRP (lol, msrp), but unlike LGA3647, they have more than 500 motherboards world wide, and those motherboards do not cost $1000 each. The actual platform cost of a 3990X vs a W-3175X is about equal, maybe off by 20% at most.

This platform as a whole has better pricing relative to it's only "competition" than the 1950X did.


And yea, it is AMD flexing. As they should, they deserve it and so does intel. I have no idea who would ever use this chip, but I can sure think of some people I'd like to see get their hands on one.

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