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Quote: Originally Posted by neil_tohno View Post
At last, I found the PMU Training have some bugs,

when I disable PMU Training, everything seems OK.
What UEFI are you on right now? Latest release? Is this still the case for you? After all these months I am wanting to try to get my memory back up to 3200MHz CL14 but I cannot boot at anything past 3000MHz (note that I use 64GB of dual rank memory that used to work at 3200MHz CL14 on the ZE board on UEFI 1003 and earlier, but does not work on later releases). I am using the ZEA board right now.

Also, any thoughts from anyone on whether upgrading to the 2950X instead of the 1950X would allow me to run 3200MHz CL14? Finally, any idea on the increased CPU overclocking room using the 2950X and the ZEA board?
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