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Quote: Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post
Just before Christmas I got 2x 2920X, they weren't that great if I really thought about it, see here.

TR2 is Zen+ and compared with my Zen+ AM4 CPUs the IMCs were not great on ones I had. I had 3x 2700X, one reached max 3466MHz on 2x8GB, another 3533MHz and last one I had was 3600MHz. 4x8GB I'd lose significant MHz, ~3333MHz which would be like say 4x16GB on TR2. The Zen+ AM4 CPUs were used on a daisy chain topology.

Also ZE/ZEA use T topology, AFAIK AMD FW is more tuned towards daisy chain topology, AFAIK AMD don't allow vendors to tweak FW like Intel, see this post.

If you don't need the PCI-E lanes of X399 and don't wanna go TR3+TRX40, I'd say your better off going AM4. A R9 3900X does very well against a 2950X and has better RAM MHz/density support, due to the IO die you don't have latency penalty like in UMA mode on TR1/2. You also have option of 3950X, plus AM4 may see Zen3 and AM4 as mainstream gains more UEFI updates than the halo line up.
Thanks for the detailed feedback. I took a quick look at the results you posted and that does seem a bit discouraging. I would have expected 2nd generation of chips to be more, not less forgiving of higher speed memory. I have plenty of issues as-is getting 4x16GB dual-rank running at rated 3200MHz CL14. I do need the PCIe lanes since I use a lot of PCIe storage so that generally rules out mainstream platforms like AM4 (this plus multi-GPU setups is the same reason why I stuck with HEDT platforms for a long time). It sounds to me like your advice would really be to save some pennies and stick with the 1950X for the time being and when I decide to upgrade move up to newer generation of TR. I am not keen on blowing $3K on a new TR3 setup at this stage since I do not have a lot of confidence in early boards for the TR platform (the disaster that was 1st gen has me sufficiently weary).

On a positive note, I came across some useful information from one of the Gigabyte forums of somebody who was running the same dual-rank memory as I am and had plenty of trouble getting 3200MHz CL14 rated going on more recent UEFI, and his brute force solution was actually just rooted in bumping SOC voltage to about 1.12V and driving the actual DRAM with about 1.45V each. Doing the same today in my setup allowed me to get a (for now apparently) stable 4x16GB 3133MHz CL14 with the CPU also overclocked to 4GHz. Next I am going to try for 3200MHz. *fingers crossed*

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