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IDSoft's megatexture engine works/worked fine, but only one 1 gpu. It's one of few engines that genuinely would/will never support dual GPU.

well, at least... it ran fine if you had the hardware for it. IDK how it worked out on console equiv hardware, probably terrible.... kinda how it works.

either way, the only people this could possible affect are folks on spinning rust, and they're likely not pushing 4K textures as it is sooooo.

i'm sure this affects someone somewhere, but really... c'mon lol. Can we pretend like we've been thru this before, and that we have knowledge of similar claims from other sectors of the tech industry, n that it always ends up being nonsense?

the take away should be this - YAY! Consoles are finally starting off with SSDs, and cross/next gen stuff will "finally" be programmed for it.

= less waiting on load times due to terrible CPU utilization... that's all i'm hearing.

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