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sudo apt install sl
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Quote: Originally Posted by treetops422 View Post
Seems like the price gouging of the mining days in stuck in stone.

Wouldn't it be nice if Nvidia could simply match the FPS of AMD with these "new cards"? Drivers drivers drivers. I'm guessing it is quite a bit harder for game devs\AMD to make GPU drivers work then their CPU's? It's funny when you have people scrambling on oh saying things like "features" for nvidia. Just like politicians, they could have a point if they looked in the right place. Drivers. RT is ... pointless atm
Like you pointed out nVidia cards could match the price of AMD cards if they removed many of their hardware/software features. Tensor cores and RT cores aren't useless and definitely the cause for the increase.

Instead we have AMD charging $400 for a $250 card to match nVidia pricing with half the feature set. It's simple gamers need to stop buying video cards from both companies and we'll see AMD correctly price their hardware and maybe nVidia will release an actual gaming architecture.

Just look at their rendering performanc e: https://techgage.com/article/nvidia-...ray-dimension/

That all said, in these particular workloads, AMD would struggle even if it were supported. With RT and Tensor cores on tap, NVIDIA’s RTX series is seriously powerful for design work when implemented properly. In solutions like Blender, you must enable OptiX acceleration separately, whereas in Arnold, for example, RT cores are used by default. That’s what we’d call a perfect implementation. We have a feeling once AMD releases GPUs with a similar feature set, some developers might feel more compelled to branch their support.
Arnold used to run horribly on Geforce but now with the latest Arnold version and Studio Drivers the performance of Geforce cards now match Quadro cards.

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