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4690k OC until upgrade

Been a while since I have been back on this forum.

I have a 60HZ 1080p monitor, rest of stats are in sig.

There are 3 main reasons I need to upgrade my graphics card to an rtx series card:

1. Developing Nvidia OptiX turing applications (in particular, experimenting with ray tracing in non-gaming apps that are ALSO performance constrained)
2. Many apps not sustaining 60 FPS (need it for monitor)
3. Going to be recording gaming content with OBS

The main issue is that my 4690k is obviously going to bottleneck somewhat. Fortunately, I already have a decent liquid cooled overclock of 4.4ghz, and I am barely breaking 60 Celsius temp @1.2v. I am going to upgrade to an AM4 system at some point AFTER I upgrade my graphics card because I am more professionally focused on Turing right now. I am also strained on funds, and a complete system upgrade is out of the question although it would obviously solve the bottleneck.

I think that I have substantial room left on my overclock, and I am wondering if pushing the cpu up further would make an rtx even less restrained (possibly 4.8ghz?). Maybe give me a solid 60 fps in most titles.

-4690K @ 4.4ghz OC
-Asus z97-E motherboard
-Zotac Gtx 970 AMP edition @ 1519mhz core OC
-Corsair DDR3 vengeance @ 1866mhz Cas 9
-Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series 256.0 GB
-Storage: Western Digital SSD 500 GB
-Storage: Seagate 1 TB
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