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Quote: Originally Posted by RomeSC View Post
Thanks for the reply. I had not considered a hub like that. Although my very long post is, well, long... Is there a way to wire this all up using just what I have that you are aware of?
Your case didn't come with a hub for the included LEDs and fans? Start there if it did, I personally remove the case hubs and fans unless it's a customers case and even then I typically change them out.

Unless you have the MB headers to support all of those LED connections then you have limited options:

1) A hub like the one I linked would allow you to sync all LEDs from one headed provided that the LEDs in question are addressable and the fans have separate LED plugs

2) Splinters tying several devices together to an available header(s) this would allow you to sync the LEDs through multiple headers

3) Use the available headers and when you run out the other LEDs stay dark

4) They all stay dark and you don't use the LEDs at all.

The only issue with using a hub is when you need 3 pin AND 4 pin LED headers. What I linked will only accommodate 4 pin plugs. They make other hubs, may even make mixed hubs or adapters I don't know, I only have 1 - 3 pin LED component and it's plugged straight to the MB my other components with LEDs are 4 pin connectors those go to my hub that is plugged into a 4 pin LED header on the MB, but not because I don't have the headers for them in my case it has more to do with wire management concerns.

Quote: Originally Posted by RomeSC View Post
If using a hub like that, would there then just be extra wires from the fans to tuck away?
I'm not familiar enough with those fans to say what wires do what, all of my fans have one connector, even the LED fans (that I'm not using ATM) that I do have are one cable and are single color red.

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