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Quote: Originally Posted by Turtle Rig View Post
Oh no crap shoot your kidding me. Its a false rumor uh ? Don't bother with it anymore it will never come out as you said. Weird how many sites post false info and don't get in trouble with Intel and what not. The fact Intel doesn't have it on their site means dont bother. Plus new CPU's are coming this year soon. I don't know why they would make a 22 core .. What audience would get that ? Might as well go TR3. I hope its fake news cuz I want my CPU now... as my rig is faked up big time. Been waiting with motherboard and RAM for the 10980XE and now suddenly a 10990XE is out or coming out when the 10980XE hasn't even came out yet. What are they going to do release both 10990XE and 10980XE at same time ? As long as it doesn't say ARK ,, its not Intel its probably PSed from some chinese dude. Also they say they won't sell OEM and what not. Whats up with that! Fake news from China has reached America and surrounding countries.
It's fake news to generate hype for suckers (like you). Of course Intel isn't going to stop people. It will have suckers (like you) thinking about them and not about AMD's offerings. Why are you hoping it's fake news when we just told you (and also plenty of other sites out there) saying that it's fake news?

Yes, we already know your current rig is fugged up, yes we know you want a 10980XE, yes we know you can't wait. Why don't you just do yourself a favor and buy the 3950x and be done with it? How many more times are we going to hear about your "problems" before you actually deal with it like an adult?
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