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Quote: Originally Posted by ILoveHighDPI View Post
If this is how you respond to basic factual statements you must be a genuinely very grumpy and unpleasant person.
I hope you can wake up tomorrow feeling better than you do now.

But really a bunch of people on here just have emotional attachment problems with your overpriced PC hardware and y'all are bitter that a $500 peasant box is going to outclass your $1,300 GPU within a two year window.
correct. I'm a terribly jaded arse that's narrowly escaped death multiple times. Just imagine if you'd paid attention before the near death experiences, when i was a turbo-dick.

if the $500 >> $1300(my 2080ti was $800 ) part is in reference to me, you're way off. I'm stoked for these new boxes to re-draw the middle line. Everyone benefits. More so though, I'm looking forward to ~2022 when Intel starts to actually compete, and AMD has caught up.

you got what you wanted, I'll be waiting for my thank you

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