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Quote: Originally Posted by rluker5 View Post
Sooo more numbers are trickling in and I thought I would run through an exercise in arithmetic:
Xboxsx die size 405 mm2
4800H d size 149 mm2
VII d sz 331/8= 41 mm2
4800H -gpu= 108 mm2
Xboxsx gpu = 297 mm2
Navi10 d size 251 mm2
297/251=1.18, 2Ghz/1.18=1.7Ghz
Xboxsx power cable 250w
4800H is Zen2, but has 1/2 the L3(game) cache as Zen+ so I'm expecting similar performance as Zen+ per clock
5700XT is closest to 2070, but take ray tracing die space out and what's left may be closer to 2060

My estimation of the Xboxsx in comparison to pc hardware is about an overclocked 4770k with between a 2060 and 2070.

And we've had console hardware in desktop long enough to know how effectively that console optimization magic is working out. Basically about as well as tuning settings and doing upscaling.

Hopefully it will be better but still a good jump, especially in the cpu department.
Seems reasonable.

It's exceedingly disappointing that M$ wants to keep supporting the garbage heap of hardware that is the original Xbox One S. Depending on how that works out, we might actually see 120 FPS in some games on the early Series X titles just because the devs cannot increase fidelity enough even to stress current midrange hardware, because they are mandated by their M$ overlords to get their game running at 720p 30fps on low end hardware from 7 years ago. We might not see the higher fidelity next gen games show up until after that mandate wears off... we'll see how it goes.

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