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I personally won't be interested in HDR until per-pixel light control is a thing, as with OLED. I don't see how HDR is really HDR if you have light bleed washing out surrounding pixels. You can't get individual strands of hair or a rear view mirror of a car shining bright with the surrounding areas being dark without pixel level light control. Linus showed a comparison between the BFGD and an OLED gaming TV and the difference was hilarious. You could tell the BFGD was all washed out even by watching on an SDR screen when compared to the perfectly detailed lighting control of the OLED.
LG has gaming grade, high refresh OLEDs with Gsync now. Making them smaller can't be that huge of a challenge for them. If they make it, EVERYONE will buy it and it will kick ass. Even 1200 zones or whatever isn't even close to being enough to get a starry night sky done right in HDR. $3600 for washed out neighboring pixels is just stupid.
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