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I was afraid of that, that's the test, and I've already had the same discussion on another forum about how people take wrong conclusions from that video because they don't think deeply enough about what's shown, ...

I don't have the strength again, especially with the cold/flu headache I have, so I'll just summarise:

What those test show is that the P14 is actually awesome, and that there a couple of flaws with the test parameters that make people come to wrong conclusions:

1. The non-radiator test, doesn't have sufficient obstructions in the form of mesh/metal/filter which would further showcase the P14 strengths.

2. Like the new Noctua sterrox NF-A12x25, the Arctic P14(and P12) is the closest match to the Noctua and shares a distinct feature absent in other fans.
That is that it produces less noise on higher RPM than any other fan in existence currently (which makes having only 1000 RPM as a comparison base flawed, because as you can see in the same tests, the dB metrics for the Arctic are incredible compared to where it lands on the chart).

To get the full idea of it you have to go the 120mm video and pay attention and compare the NF-A12x25 to other fans, and then compare the P12/P14 to other fans, and then observe the similarities between those 2 comparisons.

What you'll see is that there's a 1500RPM category missing in which P12/P14 and A12x25 will produce noise equivalent to other fans on 1000RPM roughly (Also a very much needed 1250RPM category is missing).

Compare it all together, don't just quickly glance or look at just one set of numbers, or dB and m3h numbers in separations, additionally segment and classify the data shown in your head (or own paper/word/excel), and you will better grasp what that data shows.

3. And the 3rd conclusion to the video is, that on paper Enermax Squa RGB 120mm is a hidden gem.

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