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Quote: Originally Posted by 8051 View Post
Due to Windows 7 support ending I'm finally going to reluctantly move to Windows 10. I'm going to go to a fresh install rather than an upgrade install (which I've heard is problematic). First I'm going to back up all my drives using Clonezilla imaging software off of the Ultimate Boot CD.


1. Does Windows 10 require the BIOS be put into UEFI mode? I much prefer legacy mode.

2. Does Windows 10 come as a burnable ISO image?

3. is GPT significantly better than NTFS?

If anyone had any guides or gotchas on installing Windows 10 I'd like to read/see them. In particular, I'm interested in how to xfer my Origin and Uplay games and GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City over to the the Windows 10 install. TIA.
NTFS is a file system type (like FAT32, exFAT, ext4, etc.).

GPT is a drive partitioning scheme, the other choice being the older MBR. GPT is functionally for booting drives over 2TB but also allows for more partitions and stores redundant partition layout information (eg: could be useful if there should be corruption or damaged). AFAIK the gotcha is that booting a GPT disk on Windows requires UEFI boot; in other words, you only need UEFI if you have your OS on a GPT disk (only the OS/boot drive matters, you could use legacy boot and have 999TB on 999 GPT disks, as long as your OS is MBR).

This is a good reference: https://www.minitool.com/partition-d...gpt-guide.html

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