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Quote: Originally Posted by CrucialNUG View Post
What is this logic? You do realize all those devices you tried affect the electrical power quality (in one way or another) to your PC. None of these are a real and full fix because this problem is larger than that. You saw differences in the performance of your PC after using them indicating they were changing something about the power transients that mess up our PCs. They made your game work differently because they made your PC work differently this obviously points to our PCs being electrically affected from some factor in our electrical infrastructures. You are actually contradicting yourself at this point- need I say more?
Really, the same symptoms, these things happened, making me believe for a long time to be electric, but he appeared 600 km from my house where 10 other computers worked perfectly well, if it is electric, everyone should be damaged, there should not be a professional team of CS playing over there.

As I said, when I left, they hired another player to use the PC I was on, I asked if he had reinstalled the windows or done something, he just connected the equipment and started playing, it was perfect, because he made streams of there, he played online tournaments and performed very well.
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