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Quote: Originally Posted by Oh wow Secret Cow View Post
Did you ever have a 3rd party test your PC? For example, play on one PC for a few days until issues occur. Then set up a PC across the room. Make your friend go back and forth between the two computers and do some kind of consistent, scorable aim test.
I have 3 friends who play CS: GO and Apex legends competitively close to me (in my city, my neighborhood). they are not professional players, but they are good players and also sensitive to delays or something, I mean, if there was something on my PC that would prevent them from playing at the level they play, they would notice.

You have no idea how torturous it is, while I'm playing I feel the delay absurdly, so I ask one of them to play a game, be it Apex legends, pubg or cs: go, I put my chair next to it and stay very close monitor to see if the feeling of the game changes.

So I start to see the dolls moving slowly as it should be, the game is fluid and it really feels like 144 / 240hz, they can play at the same level they play at theirs home, nothing changes.

I asked a friend to do the same to me, while I'm playing he sits on the chair next to me and focuses completely on my gameplay, he can see how much the feeling of the game changes, the hitreg changes, the dolls seem to move faster, players with bad ratings start to have reflections of God.

All my friends in my city, are of a lower level than my game level, I mean, some of them were going to assist me and support me playing professionally years ago.

I tried to buy a wireless mouse / keyboard / headset, and long power cables to keep the PC as far away from me as 5 ~ 10 meters, but did nothing.

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