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Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfy PC View Post
Hello, is that normal that I have 40°C in Idle and 77°C in Cinebench with the watercooling? Full EKWB with 1x 360XE and 1x 240XE, D5 pump, all in push-pull NF-F12 Industrial

3800x @ 4.4ghz @ 1.312V bios 7704

When I had 32°C Idle and 55°C Full load with the 1700x @ 3.925Ghz @ 1.35V
Did you reinstall the OS? I'm thinking of doing that as a next step for my 3950x although from what I understand the 3xxx runs a bit hotter due to the aggressive Ryzen Balanced Power profile that keeps the clocks at about 99%.

I forgot when I've put my previous post but you can check that for more info. Hope it helps.
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