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Quote: Originally Posted by munternet View Post
Unless you've got something running in the background it does look like you'e taken a hit.
I "upgraded" to the newer patched version of W10 1909 and took a major performance hit so changed back to 1809
I also found that nvidia driver 417.35 and earlier give a much better frame-rate than any later nvidia driver in BFV.
The downside is multitasking suffers a little. Only noticeable if I'm mining with my GPU. It doesn't leave much in the way of resources for other apps. Chrome stutters badly. I changed drivers back and forth to confirm.
Old driver better for gaming
New driver better for multitasking
I'll try reinstall 1909 over the weekend and see if it helps. If not I'm going back to 1809. Anyone else on 1909 and an Intel CPU noticed this too?
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