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Quote: Originally Posted by Imprezzion View Post
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Uh I forgot to post again, these memories are 3600 17-18-18, even being b-die I don't think I can push 400Mhz of OC while reducing the timings like that.
Haha of course you can [IMG class=inlineimg]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG].

Mine are even worse binned, Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600 18-19-19 sticks, and even these things do 4200 16-17-17-28-280-2T on 1.54v with 1.25 IO 1.30 SA. They can do even more but my 9900K IMC doesn't want to do more.

It's all a big lottery and yes, the chance of a B-Die rated for 4400CL19 doing better is always bigger but a bad bin doesn't automatically mean they can't do good.
Ok, I'm running a memtest86 now with 4000 16-17-17-42 350, 1.48v so far no errors but still on pass 1

Seems they are a good chip, it's probably my horrible 8700K that needs 1.32v to get 4.8Ghz that doesn't allow the memory to even post anything above 4000mhz.

Or my Asus Maximus X is bogus, who knows.

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