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2Q?s [x570 Taichi]: The 2ndary GPU Slot is Connected to CPU not Chipset, Right? --- Will 4-pin 12v EPS help w/OC Stability?

Hey there my OC brethren; my title pretty much says it - I've just got a couple quick questions that someone with more experience can probably answer:

1) My Chipset is getting really hot; moving my GPU down a slot will probably help a lot, but I don't want to do that if my GPU throughput is going to be unsurreptitiously murdered. I don't see why it WOULD be connected through the chipset, but can't find any definitive information about my specific board, or x570s in general regarding their respective PCI-E trace topologies.

Edit: Or maybe I should consider getting a gpu riser?

2) I'm rocking an OC pretty hard on my 3900x; 4.4Ghz All-Core OC; which is ALMOST totally stable. I'm wondering if buying and connecting the extra 4-pin 12V motherboard connector will help at all. Most of the common information I heard regarding the subject of the 4-pin says something like, "If you aren't extremely overclocking it, you can leave out the 4-pin." or "If you aren't LN2 you don't really need the 4-pin." I don't really want to waste buying and shipping a product if 4-pin OC results are questionable at best. So, if anyone has any relevant real-world knowledge on the subject, or can maybe point me to a youtube video or maybe a tech write-up source on the subject I would be very appreciative for some guidance.

Thanks guys; keep on foldin'

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