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Quote: Originally Posted by Turtle Rig View Post
Look at my Sig... This is what I got like 3 months ago to install with a 10980XE. The VRM on this board is top notch as heck. The only reason other motherboards cost more is things like ton of PCI Lines and PCIe slots for pci slot SSD stuff and thunderbolt on another model but you can already get thunderbolt with a card. Also just because my board sorta says gaming on it, its far from it. 18 cores 36 threads Quad Channel Memory gonna have to push me to below 100 percent usage until 2030 then lets see what happens.
Yes, indeed. MSI does come with a ton of... surplus. Not a bad thing in itself and definitely the price difference is not worth taking note of. But the only thing I want this board to do (apart from the minimum 3 pci slots and 2 nvmes) is to be rock solid stable and to not give me headaches. The overcloking I am aiming for is rather modest so any board should handle it, but I would like to pick the board that will give it to me with the fewest headache possible and maintain it for a long time. These are my main concerns for now, and if this is taken care of, any other perks that msi or gigabyte might offer which are not immediately obvious to me right now would be just the cherry on top.

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