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Quote: Originally Posted by sultanofswing View Post
You guys have some really good superposition scores. Not sure what I am doing wrong with my setup.
2160/8000 I only get a 8k Optimized score of 5872
This is with an [email protected]
Have the normal Nvidia Control panel settings like texture filtering quality set to performance.

There a secret to Superposition or Am I just not setting something up right.

I'm running all my tests with 8700k clocked at 5.1Ghz.
My 2080ti isn't even a good bin, I'm getting max 2080Mhz for split second then stable 2055Mhz for the rest of the test, the longer the test takes the lower it clocks thrugh the run.

My GPU Bin isn't top notch but my memory chips really are (in my opinion).
I'm constantly able to clock my VRAM much higher than vast majority of people here, without having any passive cooling on Memory Die as for now
My AIO Cooling on GPU is still a "work in progress"

My current BIOS - KFA2 380W.
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