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Quote: Originally Posted by sultanofswing View Post
So whoever posted the HOF XOC Bios on Techpowerup if you are in here something isn't right with it.
I USB Programmed the BIOS about 3 weeks ago and everything was perfect with it other than the BSOD if you saved a profile or tried to lower the power target.

I since switched to a few different BIOS's and ended up USB programming back to the HOF XOC.
I notice now there is a disclaimer on the description and now the BIOS will not allow the PC to wake from sleep without the PC restarting on it's own which it did not do the first time I flashed it before it must have been edited.

Also the first time I flashed that BIOS right before the OS loaded I would get a black screen showing Nvidia BIOS and the BIOS number and now it does not do that.

Hopefully you are in here and can take a look at it, if not it kinda sucks because it has ruined the BIOS.

I have USB programmed it 4 times now and cannot get the same result that I did the first time I Programmed it.
Can you please do me a favor and email this galax XOC bios that worked fine for you on your reference 2080ti..

[email protected]

thanks !!
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