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Quote: Originally Posted by 8051 View Post
Cruise ships have the capacity but who's going to want to be on a cruise ship w/the homeless? Will they get free updated cruise ship wear along w/their cruise? Where will they be cruising to? FL via the Panama Canal? Will it be an open shooting gallery for meth and heroin? Or will it just be an open bar for alcoholics?
they'll be docked, indefinitely, if they move forward with it. So i'd assume they're sending over all but decommissioned ships (the carrier fulfilling the contract) the ones not even worthy of carrying broke as drunkards around the carribean for 3 days and 2 nights while they drink, n gamble.

my question is who the hell is gonna wanna work the sanitation staff? I mean, they can handle it quite well under normal circumstances, but its a different ball park when 80% of the ship is trying to smuggle heroin on-board. it's a terrible situation, with a terrible solution. reminds me of some serious dystopian anime stuff.

what do you do with people who strand themselves to be bums in paradise? the eternal debate of society. there are these two ladies who pan handle the corner where suburb meets i75. I bet they make more than i do.

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