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the more reasons to use vulkan, the better.

i absolutely hate dx12, real world example:

Division 2 ran on dx11
+85 core
+600 mem
On my 1660ti and fully stable

Division 2 ran on dx12
had to lower core to 55
and mem to 400
In order to reach stability.

Same story with forza horizon 4, abyssymal performance with overclock applied.

r5-1600 4.1 1.431vcore 3020 cb20 score max temp 76.4c
amd wraith prism cpu cooler
b450m asus prime motherboard
16gb ddr4 2933mhz oc'd cl 16 hyperx ram
gtx 1660ti gigabyte gaming oc 2070-2100mhz core 6651mhz memory 68c max temp in 3dmark
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