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Quote: Originally Posted by Torvi View Post
the more reasons to use vulkan, the better.

i absolutely hate dx12, real world example:

Division 2 ran on dx11
+85 core
+600 mem
On my 1660ti and fully stable

Division 2 ran on dx12
had to lower core to 55
and mem to 400
In order to reach stability.

Same story with forza horizon 4, abyssymal performance with overclock applied.
You blame the software for an unstable overclock?

DX12 uses more of the silicon so it makes sense you could get worse max overclocks using it, but that would be true with any new API. That is the point of the new APIs. I am all for Vulkan over DX12 but this simply cannot be a reason for that preference. Vulkan is also very likely to have a lower max OC with the same title compared to DX11 (unlikely anyone would actually do that), it can use more of the silicon too.

"Soldering resistors onto your video card to bypass the manufacturers over current protection kind-of sort-of absolute-definitely voids your warranty"
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