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Quote: Originally Posted by SoloCamo View Post
Meh, both Doom Eternal and HL:Alyx are the only games I've preordered in forever. In fact last games I did was Forza 4 on x360 and Crysis 3 on pc. So far so good on Doom, we'll see if Valve disappoints.

Nobody should only care about whether a game is good, but also what the commercial practices of publishers and developers are. Speaking of Crysis 3, I still didn't buy it or play it. And I will keep my word for as long as EA keeps it as an Origin exclusive.

As to Half-Life: Alyx, in my opinion Valve is making a mistake in making it a VR-only game. Then again, making it about a secondary character pretty much shows that they know it's a niche platform and hence feel comfortable in leaving out the vast majority of PC gamers. VR will only truly take off when the goggles are as small and lightweight as regular glasses and cost ~$99 - $150, which is the price of an entry level / mid-range 1080p 24 inch monitor, and that's considering people will still have to buy a monitor on top of it because nobody will wear VR glasses to do everything on a computer, nor should that ever become a requirement.

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