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Quote: Originally Posted by Shoggy View Post
Could work but no idea if it does in the end. You will do this on your own risk.

With a power consumption of 9W this is already a bit questionable and it is not quite clear how their interference suppressor exactly works since there are no further technical details.

Just my personal experience: questions like this usually end in a RMA
Thanks for the tips

I will ask some more technical details about this suppressor.

Do you know what is the maximum power output load per PWM outputs on the aquaero 6?
It is specified in the manual for the Fan outputs but not the PWM.
I see 1 A and 15 kHz carrier frequency but from my limited knowledge it's not enough.

The ports should be switched on only if the cold element temperature raise above the cold loop fluid temperature.
Once the cold element temperature goes below a safe margin, in theory a matter of 1-2 minutes, they would be released.

I was planning anyway to add an Adafruit feather board for other reasons.
I can use a DC motor bridge to drive the valves and the PWM outputs only for the control signal.
But it'd so much easier to, at least at the beginning, use directly the aquaero 6

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