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Quote: Originally Posted by Streetdragon View Post
Now that you are back Shoggy:

My Aquaero has a Problem. Already postet it and more or less ignored it now.

If i try to controll ANY of my fans via PWM it shuts all Fanheaders into Overpowerprotection.

If i controll them over Voltage everything is fine. Even if i push 100% speed. Temps are fine. Its now 4 Years old or so and the Problem began after 2,5-3Years or so

Hi there

How many fans are you powering from one header?

How many amps are you seeing at Fans tab in Aquasuite and 50% or 100% ?

From day one I assume you are run same fans or do you have run other fans?

I got similar problem to yours, one of the header triggers overpowerprotection when I want to run my 9* Phanteks PH-F120MP at more than 30% and more than 800RPM, fans are on connected through the Aquacomputer SPLITTY9 as other fans as well in my loop

My loop currently have 36 fans(Caselabs M8 with pedestal 4*360mm radiators and MO-ra3 360mm)

Fan header 1: 9* Phanteks PH-F120MP
Fan header 2: 6* Corsair ML120 with 3*Noiseblocker eLoop
Fan header 3: 9* Arctic Cooling P12 PWM
Fan header 4: 9* Arctic Cooling P12 PWM

Its strange issue and my Aquaero 6XT is too 3 year old maybe older a bit


Any thoughts on this Sebastian?

Hope this helps

Thanks, Jura
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