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Quote: Originally Posted by ManniX-ITA View Post
Do you know what is the maximum power output load per PWM outputs on the aquaero 6?
The official rating is 1A per channel.

Quote: Originally Posted by Streetdragon View Post
If i try to controll ANY of my fans via PWM it shuts all Fanheaders into Overpowerprotection.
Which fans do you use? How many of them are connected to a channel? Do you use the software fuse? - If so, please disable it. It is nonsense for regular operation because there is an overload protection that is always working. Using the software fuse will only cause to disable the dynamic overload protection so it is a hard cut at the set value while the dynamic variant takes the load and time into account. This is useful for fans or pumps with a very high starting current.

Quote: Originally Posted by tistou77 View Post
Can I also use the remote control ?
As easy to use as soft or soft is better ?
The remote will already speed up things but the software is still much easier and faster to set up the device.

Quote: Originally Posted by jura11 View Post
I got similar problem to yours, one of the header triggers overpowerprotection when I want to run my 9* Phanteks PH-F120MP at more than 30% and more than 800RPM, fans are on connected through the Aquacomputer SPLITTY9 as other fans as well in my loop

Any thoughts on this Sebastian?
Have you already tried to move this group of fans to one of the other outputs? If a different output comes up with the same problem you can be quite sure that the fans indeed draw too much power for some reason.
Otherwise, same as mentioned above: disable the software fuse if it is enabled.

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