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Cleaning entire loop without disassembly

First, let me be honest. I'm getting old and lazy. I have a ThermalTake Tower 900 with two Koolance 480mm rads, a cpu block from TT, an EKWB MSI 1080 ti Gaming X WB, two reservoirs and two Laing D5 pumps in EKWB tops. I'm a WC'er from way back and have been building custom loops since it became a thing. Whenever I've cleaned my loops, I tear it down completely and do the typical radiator flush, take apart the blocks, replace tubing as necessary, etc.

However, as I said, I'm getting old and lazy. So, I'm curious. Has anyone tried to just flush the entire loop with distilled water and then water and vinegar or a product like Primochill Rad Clean, through an entire loop. Let it circulate for 10 or so minutes and the flushed again with distilled water?

Yes, there is definitely an "answer" I'm looking for that would accommodate my laziness, but I also want to hear about any experience or knowledge any of you have trying to attempt such a thing. I'll be honest. The older I get the more I lazily look at AIOs!! lol

Anyone out there ever done what I'm suggesting and what were the results/consequences?

Thanks a million,

Lancer VI
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